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Eastbourne & Willingdon MP Nigel Waterson was out in the town centre this week, launching the Conservatives’ election campaign. The election has to be held before the beginning of June.

Nigel said: “We need an Election as soon as possible, so a fresh government can start putting the country back on its feet. We can’t go on like this.”

Nigel also challenged his opponents in the Election to engage in positive politics. He has written to them, asking them to sign up to the ‘new kind of politics’ championed by David Cameron.

“We don’t want the old style of politics which divides people rather than uniting them. I meet many people in my constituency who have voted Liberal Democrat or Labour in the past. They want the same things I want. I hope they will join us in voting for change – change you can trust.”

Nigel criticised especially the Lib Dem campaigning so far which he said “has been largely based on personal attacks, smears and downright untruths. I have had a large number of letters, emails and phone calls complaining about these tactics. Local people expect us to be addressing the real issues that affect them.”

5 January 2010