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Eastbourne & Willingdon MP Nigel Waterson has taken legal action against the Liberal Democrats as the General Election campaign gets under way in earnest.  The Liberal Democrat candidate and agent have been sent solicitors’ letters by lawyers acting for Mr. Waterson.

Nigel commented: “Regrettably we have become used to a stream of lies, personal attacks and smears peddled by the Liberal Democrats.  However, their latest newspaper – referring to me as ‘Expenses Scandal MP’ - is wholly untrue and unacceptable.”

“My solicitors advise me that this is plainly defamatory and actionable.  They have therefore written to the Liberal Democrats, demanding that they issue a written apology and give an undertaking that they will make no further defamatory statements.  They have also asked for a payment in an agreed sum to a charity of my choice, and legal costs.”

“I am saddened that such action has been necessary.  At the beginning of this year, I invited the other candidates to agree some simple principles for the campaign.  These included a promise not to indulge in negative politics and not to engage in personal attacks on other candidates.”

“Sadly, the Liberal Democrat campaign so far has consisted of little else but negative politics and personal attacks.  But I will not have my personal integrity attacked in this way.  The Liberal Democrats know full well that my expense claims have been approved by three independent investigations; and that I have not been asked to repay a penny.”

“It is time to clean up local politics.  The Liberal Democrats face a simple choice.  To carry on as they are, and face a substantial damages bill in due course.  Or issue an apology in an agreed wording, and start talking about the issues that really concern the voters and the country.”

14 March 2010