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Conservative Candidate for Eastbourne & Willingdon, Nigel Waterson, has launched a new campaign hotline in the wake of a widely-distributed letter purporting to come from local resident and ex-MP Ernle Money.

Nigel commented: “We have been inundated with calls from voters angered by this latest Lib Dem dirty trick.  It is clear that this letter was sent out by them.”

“Personally I am not taking the letter too seriously.  Mr. Money is entitled to his views but he has not been a member of the Conservative Party for years.  And I am not sure how relevant his advice is to my voters in 2010 given he was ejected by his own voters when David Cameron was still at primary school!”

“But the Liberal lies are mounting up.  Lies about me personally, where I live and about my expenses claims.  In the last few days voters have told me the Lib Dems claimed it was the Conservatives who had sold off Eastbourne Buses.  And another voter was told that I was ‘pro-abortion’!”

“So today my campaign is launching a Lib Dem Watch Hotline.  I would encourage anyone who hears of a Lib Dem dirty trick or falsehood during this campaign to call 01323-410994.  Meanwhile I am getting on with my own – positive – campaign.”

13 April 2010