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Local MP Nigel Waterson has hailed the decision last night of Eastbourne Planning Committee to give the go-ahead for the new Health Centre at Sovereign Harbour. Nigel had addressed the Committee on behalf of local residents and urged them to grant permission.

Nigel commented: “This has been a long battle. I am delighted that my constituents in the harbour area will now finally get their purpose-built health centre. Councillor David Elkin and I have long campaigned for this much-needed community facility.”

“The borough council have delayed and dithered on this project for far too long. This was unfair on two groups of people – the 10,000 residents affected, and Dr. Adoki’s hard-pressed team. I know just how strongly my constituents in the area feel on the subject. They feel passionately that the health centre is long overdue and desperately needed.”

“It is a question of now or never. Who knows whether the NHS funding will be available in the future? Once Dr. Adoki’s new building is completed, it will offer a wide range of medical services. This will include procedures that residents now have to go to the DGH for.”

Mr. Waterson also told the Committee that it was right to include conditions to ensure this did not cause a planning precedent. This was now apparently “common ground” between the Council and Carillion. “There has already been too much over development at the Harbour. We do not want any more.”

“It was also remarkable that after blocking the proposal, the local Liberal Democrats finally bowed to the clear wishes of local people. I am sure they heard loud and clear the verdict of voters at the recent local elections.”

2 Sept 2009